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Believe where you are, know where you are going and understand where you have been.
If in doubt do a 180.
You are most dangerouse to yourself and the public at these flying hour milestones: 100 hours, 500 hours and 1,000 hours.Becouse the airplane and parts you are flying are F.A.A. Certificated and Inspected doesn't mean they won't fail the next minute.
Never fly where you can't land.
Do not answer questions with a question.
Know you do not know. Faking it will kill you.
Admitting you are wrong is the best admission you can make.Know you know. The follow through will save your life.The only time for panic is after the facts.If you enjoy bragging to everyone in the local Bar that you are a pilot more than you enjoy flying, stay in the Bar.If you do not enjoy the view stay on the ground.
The sky, earth and related weather doesn't even know you are there.You are always where you are despite the desire to believe otherwise.
If you are silly enough to fly at night over unknown terrain and your engine quits... glide until you are 500 feet above the ground and then turn on your landing lights
if you like what you see leave em' on, if you don't... turn em' off.


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Standing on a beach in ankle deep water is truly the only place that you can experience air, land and sea all at once.  Look out to sea, watch the multi colored sails of sailboats flutter across the water.  Look up and view the bottom of wings as planes leave white contrails straight across the vast blue sky.  Look left and right along the coast and see the tan beach with children chasing curves as waves flow in and out.  From the perspective of a sailor, the land is a dichotomy.  Approaching land after many, many days at sea, a sailor sees land as a haven. A safe port.  On the other hand, approaching land in a storm, a sailor sees land as a monster.  A ship eater.  Either way approaching land to a sailor is an end to the freedom, the purity of the law of nature and the return to complicated and crowded days.  From the perspective of an aviator aloft, land represents the beginning and end of a flight. The
beginning of a flight into the air is exhilarating and fascinating.  The land expands, the horizon opens up as an enlarging disc.  Seeing land, the aviator prepares for the landing . . . smooth as glass or sudden impact.  Touching down on land to an pilot
is an end to the freedom, the purity of the law of nature and a return to complicated and crowded days.  Those that live on land enjoy the security. The firmness. Aside from the weather, and the wind and water thrown out by nature, the predictability of
land is comforting for the majority.  Crowded but safe.  Land lubbers are drawn to the beach as moths to a flame. Irresistible.  Many a resort on the waterfront is built for the masses that flock to see from where we came.  To enjoy a re-acquaintance with raw nature that we miss when the sea and and fresh onshore bright air are distance memories.

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If it is true that we swam out of the waters onto land Eons ago..then a beach was our first taste of land. Those first moments on land must have been at first very secure. No monsters. No threats as of yet. On the pristine beach, yet to be populated by predators, we freely explored and discovered new foods and new shelters. The original Garden of Eden was a sunny beach. The Tree of Knowledge was a palm tree. Coconut the first fruit tasted by an unsuspecting Eve. Today we are drawn to the beach like a bunch of Lemmings. throwing ourselves into the surf. Paddling around and frolicking in the breaking waves as sport. On the beach we meet socially and we visually behold the beauties of nature. In tidepools we see life that reminds us of our past. Creatures yet to fully accomplish the transition to life on land. Dolphins swim near shore to take a peek at us, and we peek back.

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Can our planet be saved from an asteroid hit?

The crew at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) sent an unmanned space vehicle to
a near-earth comet circling the sun.  Pulling ahead of the flight path of the comet (which
looked like an asteroid), the space vehicle maneuvered itself nearly in front of the un-
suspecting chunk of cosmic matter and synchronized to relative speeds.  From a distance
of hundreds of thousands miles away, the boys at JPL sent a signal that released a sprung
warhead aimed directly at the comet.  The televised digital signal transmitted the
scene back to JPL as the warhead closed distance and ultimately nailed the rocketing
comet. The resulting explosion on the surface of the comet was a sight to behold ---
a white flash followed by ejection of particles and dust into space!  Newton's law of
motion states that for every action there is a reaction.  Altering that one comets course,
albeit hardly measurable, happened.  It was a serious look into our future and our now
certain ability to approach a dangerous comet or asteroid, shoot it, and alter course!.  Our
planet saved?  Most likely if we can do it again under pressure facing our extinction if
we miss!